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10 interesting features windows phone 7.5 Mango

Now Windows Phone has reached the 7.5 update code-named fruit, Mango. Here we present 10 features Windows Phone 7.5 is interesting.
1. Interfaces Microsoft relies on Metro UI as the user interface or a mobile interface to adopt Windows Phone 7.5 or Mango. The main screen relies on a collection of boxes that can be changed in it; for example, by application, weather updates, news updates, contacts, or RSS feeds.
Once the number of applications that are installed so that pretty much takes a lot of screens, there will be a sequence of the alphabet appears in the application menu. The mechanism is much like looking for the person's name in the phonebook so as to facilitate the search application. Mango interface concept is more directed to "glance and go", which basically makes users able to get the information you need with just one song.

2. Bing Like Android inherent with Google search engine, then that's between Windows Phone with Bing. The search engines are not so popular in Indonesia has several features like Local Scout (Scout Local) that will allow you to search for restaurants, events and the events going on around you based on the location of the phone.
For music lovers, the combination of Bing and Windows Phone 7.5 is quite amazing. Now you can ask Bing to listen to the music you hear. Then Bing will find all related information and links to the Zune Marketplace.
Then there are features of Vision. With this feature, you can scan text and Bing will offer you to search for or interpret text. Moreover, like Google Googles, Vision can search for information based on the image. In fact you can compare the sales price of a book with just photographing the front side or back with another book store!

Just +1 (plus one) from the others

This time I did not review the sites google plus, but I will highlight the button +1 (plus one) that is in the social networking site. This term is becoming more popular, since the virtual world giant Google released one of his social network that is google plus the berdomain http://plus.google.com
In the google +1 plus there is a button which may if defined (in my opinion) better than others or more preferred.
Many terms are used for status or a statement from someone who is more desirable, more preferred, and more-more than others. Although just over one thing it will show the difference that is superior. In everyday life we ​​often encounter +1 (plus one). Because it is now felt so strict competence in all areas. As individuals living in today, like it or not we should have an advantage over others in order to exist competent in their field.
In other words +1 (plus one) skills for individuals who want to advance.
Starting from the social network will display a paradigm in which people would like something better or superior even though the difference is only one point (plus one).
If you ask me plus one (+1) is more suitable in the glue on the label goodness, which is useful for the good of others.


ICOMS 2011 attended by Hundreds of Scientists

Hundreds of scientists from 10 countries attend an international conference of mathematics and natural sciences, entitled "International Conference on Mathematics and Science" (ICOMS) 2011 which held the Tenth November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya on 12-13 Okober 2011."ICOMS 2011 which was held for two days to bring the two principal investigators Prof. Gopalan Nair (School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Western Australia) and Prof. Hiroyuki Kitahata (Department of Physics, Graduate School of Sciences, Chiba University, Japan)," said committee chairman ICOMS 2011, Prof. Mardisantoso.Another scientist, Dr. Diamond Muchtadi (Department of Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Bandung / ITB), Prof. Maria Elena de Bellard (Department of Biology, The California State University Northige, USA), and Prof. Jyh-Chiang Jiang (Theoretical & Computational Chemistry Lab, Chemical Engineering Department, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan).According to Assistant Dean of Natural Sciences of ITS, the international conference which was also held to commemorate the anniversary (HUT) to the ITS-51 160 papers that will discuss the science of mathematics and science from Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Taiwan, and so on.


Concept of Leadership in the Perception of a Student

Leadership...Perhaps the term is quite often heard. Indeed, leadership is something quite common in everyday life. Almost the entire activity or activities need a leader. But what does it really mean to leadership itself. Here I would like to share my opinion what is the meaning and essence of leadership itself. Experience of being a leader poised to give inspiration to continue to write with my recording traces.Leaders are not the boss, the leader is not the most intelligent, most powerful, most intelligent. But a leader is someone who is able to combine all the potential in the team to win the game. Maybe my friends here have quite often heard these words. In the media, seminars, human resource development, and so on. First, I consider it as the wind. Theory is just theory. The theory is not necessarily the truth and certainty because I have not understood what the real essence contained in it. In fact, leadership is done every time, minimum lead yourself. Leading the self-ego and lust to be maximized in a timely manner. Moreover, leading others who certainly has character, character, temperamental and personality with each other.As I sat in that position, I am aware of. Before leading others, I should be able to lead me, my ego control.  


Microsoft Cloud Computing Developments in ASEAN

The world's largest software company, Microsoft has never stopped innovating. The proof is diverse development of cutting-edge technologies from Microsoft and Cloud Computing solutions that help businesses, governments and consumers are storing all kinds of their productivity in an Internet technology alone.

Facts that exist today, more than 1 billion people have been using Microsoft technologies Cloud by paying through the Microsoft Online services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting, Office Communications Online and Exchange Hosted Service), which are scattered in 36 countries around the world .


The Importance of Managing Activities

Management activities consist of two words, namely the management and activities.Management means the science or a method to organize, manage, maximize, collect, and care of existing resources and monitoring and evaluation. Moderate activity is a matter that requires energy and effort to achieve certain goals. So, management activities can be interpreted as a way to plan, manage, leverage resources to perform a specific purpose and do an evaluation after a goal is reached. Management activities is essential to increase success and minimize failure in an activity or event. . Because the goal is to determine whether the activities are carried out properly, if there is a deviation can be corrected and as consideration for the next activity. Another important thing is the management of resources, be it funds or human. Of each particular committee chairman of the committee is needed for management activities related to the distribution of resources in order to be properly distributed.


NST is the Opening of the Annual Event Schematics HMTC ITS 2011

NST (National Seminar of Technology) 2011 theme of Cloud Computing, the latest network technology where a computer with the help of the internet can manage data and applications even though from a central server. Besides cloud computing is also superior in efficiency and effectiveness of various aspects.
The seminar was opened by remarks Schematics Chairman 2011,
HMTC Leader Deddy Nur Arifin, and Assistant Dean (PD) III Faculty of Information Technology (FTIf), namely Bambang Setiawan. "The current Internet is easily accessible from anywhere and it becomes a very good media-related advances in computer technology, one with cloud computing," said Deddy.
No less than two speakers present at the seminar. Both are Norman Sasono, Architect & Developer Advisor from Microsoft Indonesia and Joddy Hernadi, Executive General Manager of the Multimedia Division of Telkom. "Based on the survey, 100% of respondents from companies believe cloud computing technology is the future of technology," explains Joddy.


ITS Team Spektronics-3 successfully won on Chemical Engineering Car Competition in Berlin 2011

Tenth November Institute of Technology students (ITS) Surabaya get international achievement. Team ITS Spektronics-3 successfully won three races champion Chemical Engineering Car Competition in Berlin, Germany, 26 to 28 September last. A team Hardiyanto Dwi Putra Wijaya, Arditya Wicaktama, Muhammad Al Abid Ali Averous, Muhammad Fauzi, and Richard Bena Pinem Otta.
During the fight, accompanied by three faculty mentors, he is Renanto Handogo, Hamzah Fansuri, and Tri Widjaja. "This is the first competition that followed in Europe and managed to get a championship, everything is prepared from many months ago," said Secretary of the Department of Chemical Engineering ITS, Dr. Susianto.

MIT-Developed Solar Panels

Researchers at the Massachusetts Instite of Technology (MIT) have created a solar panel that can be printed on a sheet of paper. This development makes the manufacture of solar panels are cheaper and easier.
The solar panel of this paper is quite strong although solar panel has been folded into a toy airplane. In addition, flexible solar panels that can be recharged when exposed to sunlight.
Printing process using a vapor, not liquid. With the use of a temperature of less than 120 degrees Celsius, allowing the use of paper, plastic, or cloth as a container ordinary solar panels. 


MIT Graduate Students to Innovate Through Technology and Education

Khan Academy is a free learning site, hosted by Salman Khan, a graduate of Harvad Business School and MIT. Salman Khan founded the Academy with the goal of using information technology to teach many things in the world. Khan utilize YouTube to broadcast the subject matter is delivered in typical audio-visual form. There is now more than 2400 more video lesson presented in this academy. And another great, Khan himself who made this whole video learning. It's excellent for an MIT graduate who is supposed to work in large companies, but are willing to devote himself to teach what he has to the world for free and certainly interesting. Khan Academy teaches many things, including mathematics, chemistry, biology, history, probability, trigonometry, brain teasers, algebra, economics, banking and money, finance, geometry, statistics, calculus, physics, differential equations. Of course there are many others.  


The Art of Speaking Skills

Talking is a normal human life activities is very important, because by talking we can communicate between fellow human beings, express opinions, convey the intent and message, express their feelings in all emotional conditions and so forth. If observed in everyday life, many found the person speaking. But not everyone in the talk that has the ability to deliver content both in its message to other people so it can be understood according to his wishes, in other words, not everyone has a good ability to align or adjust in precise detail between what you have in mind or her feelings with what she was saying so that others who hear it can have a sense and an understanding that fits with the wishes of the speaker. For the delivery of simple things that may not be a problem, but to convey an idea / ideas, opinions, explanations to a problem, or describe a central theme, usually has a fairly high level of difficulty for a speaker who is not used, not even everyone is able to do it well. It takes a skill or competence to practice the process sufficiently to be able to perform well becomes a powerful speaker. Basically speaking skills should be possessed by all persons in need of communication activities, both in nature one-way or reciprocal or both. A person who has talked a good ketermapilan, will have the ease in relationships, whether at home, at work, or elsewhere. With his skills all the messages it conveys will be easily digested, so that communication can run smoothly with anyone. 

The Importance of Active Listening

The success of an organization or company, is determined by its leaders. Central circle of leadership is communication. Communication is an art or a way to communicate something, so that others understand us. "Communication is the most important skill in life. We spend most of our waking hours communicating "Stephen R. Covey. Subordinates in solving problems, we tend to rush in, to fix everything with good advice. But often we have failed, especially the failure to take the time to diagnose the problem to really understand in depth the problem first. We usually try to first intelligibility. Most people do not listen with the intent to horrible but they hear to answer. They are getting ready to speak, filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their autobiography into other people's lives. To try to understand first, we need a paradigm shift that is not easy. We have been taught since childhood to speak, write and read. We are not taught, how good to hear it. Heard there are several levels, ranging from not trying to hear, pretending to listen, to hear only the parts that we like it, attentive listening and active listening Active Listening is the central point of communication. 


The Importance of Regeneration in Organization

Like a campfire, when the wood used to keep the fire burning is over the campfire padamlah it. if an organization is described as campfire wood is a cadre of an organization.

To build a strong cadre of competent and specific field required a process known as the cadre.
Because the true regeneration aims to foster excellence that will be devoted cadre in the organization.
In the process of regeneration has always emphasized a sense of belonging and attachment among fellow comrade. So that will grow the value of solidarity and trust that must be possessed by every individual.


The Reason for Students that Writing is Important

Virtually every one of us was created to share the benefits. Imperfection as a human being makes sharing as a necessity outward and inward. A farmer using the skills of farming as a medium for sharing. Farmers share by producing the best harvest for the needs of the community. For those who berharta, should treasure it into the field of sharing, charity jariyah. How are we doing as a student? Happenings what can we share? We (students) may not be the wealthy who are able to share material. Not all officials who have entrusted a power to make changes. But we have science that is not less great with the property and or power. For those who are knowledgeable, is a science that can be shared fields. True that knowledge is entrusted to our mandate to be useful. Then, as the knowledgeable people what we want our science become moldy in the head and a personal archive? How is it beneficial to science? There are many ways, one of them is to WRITE.


Prices in the eyes of a young dream

A young man has always had a dream, whether it would like to be created in real life, or really just a sweet fantasy of hope. Either in the near or longer to create the dream. Sometimes found the boy in her life have not found a clear vision for the future really looks outstanding life. We suggest a young man who can still get anything at all, the dream must be owned for almost as strong was his determination to win a dream compared to the straight as a young soul hopes for a living. How strong an effort to feel the price of a dream when young. Of course we all know, that makes this still young soul is there hope in life.

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